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This was an excellent and professional service we experienced to achieve our first time home.

L. Saneru

Thanks Vern , you are the best all over GTA

Asaad M

As first-time home buyer Vern introduce me to all the necessary steps and tools, I wasn’t aware of, helping me become a homeowner.

The process was professional answering all my questions and guiding me to choose my dream home. The service he offered was above and beyond. Was such amazing and fantastic work, I highly recommend him Thank you so much Vern

Harag V

As a first-time buyer, he walked us through the entire house buying process step by step.

From finding a house to mortgage and closing. I will highly recommend him.


Great buying experience with Vern.

His knowledge and experience with the markets helped win a competitive multiple offer situation and get the house of our dreams. Highly recommended Vern to my friends and family!!


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